Science Policy Friday: New Jersey Science Policy Roundup

SciPoliFri_Box.gifThis week’s column is a collection of interesting articles from across various science and technology policy spectrums, from state-wide energy system changes to environmental sustainability designs and more! Stay informed and let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in our next few columns.  Perhaps you'd like to hear about autonomous vehicles, bio pharmaceuticals, climate change adaptation along the Jersey Shore? Let us know and have a great weekend! 

Thanks to my science and environment intern Arcadia Lee for research and drafting this article. Thank you to NJ Spotlight and for their continued coverage of these important issues to the state of New Jersey. Cross-posted at 

NJ Energy Policy

Critics of Energy Master Plan Make Opinions Heard at Public Hearing - NJ Spotlight

The NJ Board of Public Utilities hosts the first of three public hearings on the Energy Master Plan

Bill Could Mean More Money to Small Businesses, Residents with Solar Panels - NJ Spotlight

“Christie signs law that increases cap on net metering, letting New Jersey residents earn more for electricity their solar panels produce.”

Power-Grid Operator PJM Hands Off High-Speed Transmission Project - NJ Spotlight

PJM moves to strengthen the reliability of southern NJ’s energy system with a project assigned to PSE&G, Pepco Holdings, Inc. and LS Power.

Power-Grid Operator Pledges to Work Closely With Natural-Gas Sector - NJ Spotlight

“PJM agreement seeks to ensure reliability as coal-fired plants are phased out and more gas-fired units are built.”

NJ Tech Policy

Rate Counsel Files With FCC to Block Verizon Switch to Fiber-Optic System - NJ Spotlight

“Division claims telecom giant’s moving subscribers from copper without telling them; subscribers worry about loss of service during outages.”

Bill Would Let NJ Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs Seek Financial Backers Online - NJ Spotlight

A new crowd-funding bill has bipartisan support and will help New Jersey’s innovators seek private capital from the investing public to develop their products or services.

New numbers show that drones are quickly filling the sky |

“Drone sightings by pilots have skyrocketed across the country in 2015, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, underscoring a spate of recent sightings near area airports and spurring calls for tighter restrictions on the unmanned craft.”

NJ Environmental Policy

Can this Innovative shore house withstand another Hurricane Sandy? (PHOTOS) |

The Steven’s Institute of Technology in Jersey City designed and constructed a sustainable, net zero, hurricane-resilient home in a national academic competition, known as the biennial Solar Decathlon.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)-SEEDS

Environmental jobs, news, events and more in local NJ!

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