Making New Jersey Affordable

affordable.jpgEverybody knows that making New Jersey more affordable for middle-class families and seniors should be Trenton's top priority. Too many people in our community are still struggling to make ends meet. That’s why Dan Benson has been working so hard to reduce our tax burden, fight against fraud, and make higher education more affordable. Dan Benson is a fiscally responsible leader who’ll keep the budget balanced while working to reduce the tax burden on New Jersey’s middle class. Dan has a proven record of going to bat for us on tax relief and fraud protection. And he’s ready to continue the fight to make New Jersey a more affordable place to live.

Dan Benson is fighting to eliminate the Millionaire’s Tax Break and use that money to make New Jersey more affordable for the rest of us. Many Seniors in our community are living on a fixed income, so every dollar counts. But the cost of necessities like food, medicine, and energy seem to be rising all the time. That’s why tax relief is so important. Dan Benson has always made our priorities their priorities: He authored the new law that cuts state income taxes for retirement income and has always voted to fund the Senior Property Tax Freeze program that brings property tax relief to senior citizens. Dan Benson is fighting to double the property tax deduction for seniors – long overdue, this would be the first increase in 30 years! Dan also has protected our seniors' quality of life by funding low cost prescription drug programs like PAAD and Senior Gold and preserving the senior property tax freeze.