Dan has always been on the people's side. He is not afraid to take on the special interests and is always ready to reach across the aisle to do what's right for the residents of Mercer & Middlesex counties. His support for the bipartisan 2% property tax cap is just one example of his putting our communities and families first. 

Creating Jobs

Creating more good-paying jobs for New Jersey residents is a top priority. That's why Dan supported the largest small business tax cut in state history and advocated for targeted tax credits for clean energy and high-tech companies to create good-paying quality jobs. He has also helped veterans by authoring laws that remove barriers to employment and expanded opportunities with vital job-training programs - like "Helmets to Hardhats," which puts returning veterans back to work in our community. 

Making New Jersey More Affordable

Everybody knows that making New Jersey more affordable for middle-class families and seniors should be Trenton's top priority. That's why Dan is working to pass a bipartisan property tax cut to ease the burden on taxpayers. He is also fighting to eliminate a special tax break for millionaires. He also has protected our seniors' quality of life by funding low cost prescription drug programs like PAAD and Senior Gold and preserving the senior property tax freeze.

Ensuring Strong Ethics Laws and Supporting Open Government

Dan knows government should always work for the people it serves. That's why he has always supported efforts to keep government open and transparent, and why he has stood up to political corruption by ensuring that New Jersey has strong ethics laws.

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